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This page provides an archive of unaffiliated research papers that cite Owlfly publications. 

The Social Wasps of North America

Evaluation of North American spider wasp (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) common names

by Frank E. Kurczewski et al.| Insecta Mundi | APR 28 2023

Facial color diversity of Polistes paper wasps

by Sara E. Miller | Insectes Sociaux | MAR 16 2023

Highly Contiguous Genome Assemblies of the Guinea Paper Wasp (Polistes exclamans) and Mischocyttarus mexicanus

by Sara E. Miller et al. | Genome Biology and Evolution | AUG 14 2022

Biodiversity and Classification of Wasps

A Synopsis of Knowledge of the Rhopalosomatidae (Hymenoptera) in Brazil: an Annotated Checklist of the Family in the Country, with a Revised Key to the Brazilian Genera

by Mayara Bulbol et al.| Neotropical Entolomogy | JUN 29 2023

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