Development Engineer


Notice: We are in the process of moving locations. This job is not expected to start until mid 2022. 

On-Site Only
Full-Time, $40k/yr
Approximately 40 hrs/wk

- OR -

Off-Site Only
Part-Time, $20/hr
4 to 10 hrs/wk

The Development Engineer works to create & develop brand-new sustainable technologies. This is a very challenging (but very rewarding) position, where no two days are ever the same.


  • Work as the lead and/or support for one or more active development projects

  • Suggest new product concepts that address global sustainability challenges

  • Find creative solutions to complex problems in a fast-paced environment

  • Research material properties, physical phenomena, biological systems, customers, markets, existing technologies, etc.


Note: Because Owlfly is a very small company, you may be asked to perform responsibilities outside of your job description on a day-to-day basis. However, most of these additional tasks will be negotiable.


  • Previous experience with:

    • Product design

    • Experiment design

    • Cradle-to-Cradle (or similar)

    • Customer & market research

    • Scientific research

    • 2D & 3D modeling

  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills

  • Broad understanding of engineering fundamentals

  • Broad understanding of sustainability principles in engineering

  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

  • Excited about engineering the future of sustainable technologies