Production Engineer


Notice: We are in the process of moving locations. This job is not expected to start until mid 2022. 

On-Site Only
Full-Time, $40k/yr
Approximately 40 hrs/wk

The Production Engineer is responsible for designing new production equipment and procedures, and for implementing upgrades to existing systems. Bonuses will be awarded proportional to time, quality, & safety improvements.


  • Work closely with engineering, management, & assembly staff to:

    • Lower the time & cost of production

    • Ensure the safety of production

    • Reduce material waste of production

  • Advocate for human & environmental health & safety as it relates to our manufacturing processes

  • Instruct & manage Assembly Staff as necessary

Note: Because Owlfly is a very small company, you may be asked to perform responsibilities outside of your job description on a day-to-day basis. However, most of these additional tasks will be negotiable.


  • Previous experience with:

    • Design for production & assembly

    • Lean Six Sigma (or similar)

    • 2D & 3D modeling

    • Automation

  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills

  • Broad understanding of engineering fundamentals

  • Broad understanding of sustainability principles in engineering

  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

  • Excited about engineering the future of sustainable technologies