Alternate Titles: Beetle Rancher, Entomologist, Coleoptera Specialist, Botanist, Algae Farmer


Notice: We are in the process of moving locations. This job is not expected to start until mid 2022. 

On-Site Only
Full-Time, $40k/yr
Approximately 40 hrs/wk

The Biologist is responsible for raising Scarabeid beetles and Charophyte algae in a laboratory setting. They will work closely with the engineering team to develop better environmental controls and equipment to accelerate larval development and algae production. 


  • Study and record the life-cycle of Scarabeid beetles from egg to adult

  • Study the optimal growing conditions of Scarabeid beetles

  • Study the optimal growing conditions of Charophyte algae

  • Design experiments to test a variety of nutrients and environmental conditions

Note: Because Owlfly is a very small company, you may be asked to perform responsibilities outside of your job description on a day-to-day basis. However, most of these additional tasks will be negotiable.


  • Previous experience with:

    • Coleoptera

      • Taxonomy​

      • Life cycle

    • Charophyte algae

      • Taxonomy​

      • Life cycle

    • Experiment design

    • Science communication

    • Natural history curation

    • Biochemistry

    • Paper production

  • Unfazed by the concept of Entomophagy

  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills

  • Broad understanding of biology fundamentals

  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

  • Excited about literally growing the future of sustainable technologies

Note: Applicants do not need to meet all preferences to apply.