About Us

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Owlfly LLC is a for-profit company based in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies and publications from idea to market. We recognize both the urgency of our global climate crisis and the great potential of engineered solutions.




Owlfly LLC was founded by Chris Alice Kratzer in August 2020. 


Owlfly Publishing launched its first book, The Social Wasps of North America.  

Owlfly's first products are currently in development with an expected launch date in early 2022. Our prototypes are exceeding our expectations, so stay tuned!

Why "Owlfly"?

Owlflies are insects in the subfamily Ascalaphinae. Many have beautiful colored wings like butterflies, even though the two groups of insects are not closely related. Owlflies represent a new and offbeat path to brilliance - which is exactly what we strive for. 


Pictured: Owlfly (Libelloides coccajus).
Photo © Stefan Haag 2021