We are working to develop the next generation of structural insulation by studying the nest architecture of social wasps. 

Our prototypes are already outperforming most fiberglass, so we're very excited about the potential of this new technology. The product is currently in development with an expected launch date in early 2022. 


ASTM certified thermal resistance of 4.0 R/in

More details and pricing information COMING SOON!

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Non-toxic and irritant-free

YELLOWJACKET™ insulation is safe to use and easy to install.

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Made from recycled materials

All materials are sustainably sourced.

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Performs up to 30% better than fiberglass

Commercial fiberglass has a range of thermal resistance between 2.9 and 4.3 R/in, so comparative performance may vary.

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With a material CLASS 1 fire rating, YELLOWJACKET™ insulation will not sustain combustion. The material is rated Flame Spread [10] / Smoke Index [30].

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Resists moisture

YELLOWJACKET™ batts are moisture resistant. However, we recommend installing a vapor barrier between YELLOWJACKET™ batts and drywall for best results in exterior walls.

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Collapsible for easy shipping and storage

Each YELLOWJACKET™ batt can fold flat when not in use, then expand back into shape with minimal assembly for quick and easy installation.

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A standard 3.5x15x12” YELLLOWJACKET™ batt weighs less than 1 pound.

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Performs better than all other sustainably-sourced insulation products on the market

YELLOWJACKET™ insulation compares favorably to recycled cellulose, cork, wool, and denim.