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Owlfly LLC is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our day-to-day operations. A few examples are provided below, to provide transparency and to serve as a roadmap for other small businesses interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

Recycled Packaging

Owlfly purchases all of its standard commercial packaging materials from EcoEnclose, a sustainable shipping company that specializes in circular and regenerative materials.

For large and non-standard orders, we will always preferentially re-use packaging materials that were shipped to us by other vendors instead of buying more. We will never purchase plastic padding (like bubble-wrap) ourselves.

Investments in Renewable Infrastructure

Owlfly's funds are deposited in a business bank account through Clean Energy Credit Union, which specializes in providing affordable loans for families interested in installing solar or geothermal systems, improving home efficiency, or purchasing an electric vehicle.

This way, we can ensure every penny of our funding is going to good use - even before we spend it!

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