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Owlfly Publishing is an independent publisher based in New Jersey. We specialize in producing high-quality natural history books that appeal to a broad audience. Owlfly Publishing is a subsidiary of Owlfly LLC. 

Owlfly Natural History Books
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The Cicadas of North America

Written & illustrated by Chris Alice Kratzer, 2024


This book is currently in development with a planned release date in late August or early September 2024.

All preorder copies will be signed by the author.

*cover design subject to change prior to release

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Written & illustrated by Chris Alice Kratzer, 2022

"The Social Wasps of North America stands to revolutionize the future of field guides"

- Eric Eaton, author of the Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America

"A gorgeous, useable field guide to one of the most incredible groups of insects on the planet"

- Dr. Seirian Sumner, author of Endless Forms: The Secret World of Wasps

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Open-Access Science from the Owlfly Team
(and collaborators)
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Open-Access Science
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Nastasi, L., Kresslein, R. L., Fowler, K. O., Flores, S. R. F., Mathis, C. L., Davis, C. K., Awad, J., Tomlinson, S., Kelly, T., Martens, A. P., Dal Pos, D., Salden, T., Green, N., McClelland, A. R., Zhang, Y. M., Kratzer, C. A., Parslow, B., Griebenow, Z., and Skvarla, M. (2023). Biodiversity & Classification of Wasps, 1st ed. Penn State WaspID Course.

(chapter on Vespoidea written by Chris Alice Kratzer)



Sancio, E. P., Kratzer, C. A., and Carlson, J. C. (2024). Geographical and temporal distribution of Megalopygidae in the United States and Puerto Rico. Toxicon: X, 21(100181).

(data analysis by Chris Alice Kratzer)

More publications COMING SOON!

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