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Programs & Lectures


$50 base cost

or $50 per 1 hour, whichever is larger
(unless otherwise specified)
+ basic travel costs from Hunterdon County NJ


$30 flat cost
or $15 per 10 minutes, whichever is larger

(unless otherwise specified)

NOTICE: Our LGBT staff WILL NOT attend in-person programs in states with a heightened safety risk for LGBT people. Please contact us or consult this map for more information. 

Contact to book a program today!

Popular Programs:
Why Wasps Matter

Intended audience: adults and teens age 15+

Everyone agrees that bees and butterflies are worth protecting. They pollinate flowers and crops and serve as cultural symbols of nature, health, and prosperity. But wasps are a different story. Almost everyone views wasps with disdain, or at most suspicion. But that's not the whole story.

This talk is 10 to 20 minutes long with plenty of time for questions. It's the perfect opportunity to learn the surprising truth about the world's least popular beneficial insects! 

Alie+YJ 2023-05-26 2.jpg
Biology Insight to Sustainability Startup: One Woman's Path to Success

Intended audience: adults and teens age 15+

An unusual background in insect science and mechanical engineering led Chris Alice "Alie" Kratzer to the startling realization that the nests of yellowjackets - of all things - could lead to a breakthrough in thermal insulation technology. In her last year of college at RIT, she pitched the idea to her ESW chapter and spent a semester investigating whether it was actually possible. Then, when the pandemic hit, she decided to take a leap of faith with a few fellow alumni to turn the idea into a full-fledged company. The most amazing part of all? It worked. This talk is 10 to 20 minutes long.

Science Writing Workshop

Intended audience: adults and teens age 15+*
*can be adjusted for other audiences

Learn the fundamentals of science communication with an award-winning author! The workshop begins with a 10-to-20-minute presentation on how to effectively use written language to share scientific information with a general audience. The presentation is followed by a 45-minute writing activity, with additional time afterwards for sharing and critique.

apoica 1.jpg
Book Signing

Intended audience: all ages / all levels of experience

$0 base cost / In-Person Only

Alie will happily answer questions about her newest book and sign copies. Click here to see the full list of Owlfly books. 

original (2).jpeg
Guided Insect Walk

Intended audience: all ages / all levels of experience

In-Person Only

Curious about what lies underfoot? Want to experience familiar trails through the eyes of a seasoned entomologist? This is your chance! Guided nature walks can be between 25 and 90 minutes long depending on the audience. The guide will provide information tailored to whatever insects the group encounters during the walk. 


For the best results, we recommend scheduling nature walks when the temperature is expected to be above 60°F with no precipitation. You are guaranteed to see things that you've never seen before – or your money back! 

original (1).jpeg
Meet the Bugs in Your Backyard!

Intended audience: children age 6-12*
*can be adjusted for other audiences

Ever wanted to see your backyard from a new and fascinating point of view? This presentation gives a 10-to-20 minute introduction to the wild and wonderful world of insects. Depending on the weather and the season, the presentation may also include a 15-to-30 minute guided nature walk. 

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